Thinking about buying an avalanche safety pack? Now with all the fresh snow and sketchy avalanche conditions, here is our Grown Eco Innovation in Skis and beyond review of the 2016 version of the Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche pack in size 28l. With Tobias Luthe.

We live in a world shadowed by the ongoing climate change crisis. This crisis is often conveyed using numbers and figures – rather than stories of human experiences. The changes proposed are often focused on economic or technological solutions – rather than moral or psychological aspects. Very little is said about the need to question our lifestyles, worldviews and relationships with the more-than-human world, in our response to climate change.

This is the third time The Sigtuna Foundation and CEMUS come together to host the Climate Existence conference. With this undertaking, we wish to create a transdisciplinary conversation that challenges how we talk and think about our role as humans in an era of climate change and ecological unravelling. 

The conference will also be an exploration of the interface between the worlds of academia and art, inviting a wide range of contributions that open up new ways of relating to the predicament we find ourselves in.

In short: We want to address how the current climate crisis relates to what is at the very core of our existence: to consider Climate Existence.

Source: Program – ClimateExistence Conference 2016 April 6-8 in Sigtuna

Grüne Selbstständige (Teil 1):

via “Ich hatte kein Bedürfnis nach Luxus”.

INKDWELL – Inspiring people to love and protect the Earth one work of art at a time

Juvet Landscape Hotel – a meeting between raw Norwegian nature, cultural history and modern architecture.

The first landscape hotel in Europe is situated in the farmyard of Burtigarden farm at Alstad in Valldal, on a steep, natural levee in between  birch, osp, pine and age-old boulders.

via The Hotel – Juvet.

The new St. Gotthard region website with direct booking options is now online – well done!

Region St.Gotthard | / st.gotthard.

New book

Launching “Big world, small planet”

Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum combine resilience science and photography to convey a new positive narrative

A new positive narrative
Talking about what to do next, the book argues that the world needs a new narrative about the links between human development and the environment. This is a story of new opportunities for humanity to thrive on the planet by using ingenuity, core values, and humanism to become wise stewards of nature and the entire planet.

Combining stunning photography and recent insights from sustainability science they argue that the tools to do what’s required already exist. Using humanity’s intelligence, creativity, and technological know-how can reverse the negative trends.

Predicament, prosperity and possibilities
The book is divided into three parts. The first summarizes the urgent predicament of massive human impacts on the planet whereas the second part makes the case for a new way of thinking about prosperity, justice and happiness on a sustainable planet.

In the third part Rockström and Klum go into practical solutions to the biggest challenges facing humanity, such as feeding nine billion people and powering tomorrow’s economies in sustainable ways.


Launching “Big world, small planet” – Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Fringe Program – Brand New Stage A1 | GREENROOM VOICE.

Switzerland, 26.1.2015 – GRV and Brand for Good offer an inspiring Fringe Program to spread ideas, share knowledge and bring light to passionately discussed industry issues.

Retailers, press and brands are invited visit the stand or attend one of the workshops or seminars on offer:

GRV: 5th Feb 11.00 
LCA’s as a basis for decision making for more responsible products
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe, Invited Guests: Stewart Sheppard (GoreTex®), Seth Ligthcap (Jones Snowboards), Mathias Boehme (Swisswool/Lavalan), Ben Kneppers (Bureo Skateboards)

Environmental Knowledge Inspiring Media Creation |


Environmental knowledge inspiring media creation – Master program 2015 vom May-November. Apply now.

Positioned at the convergence of science and art, the Environmental Visual Communication program is designed to fill a recognized void of individuals who are passionate about environmental issues and stories and who want to effectively engage people who can foster change.

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