Ushuaia – illegitimate travel or just right? 1800t CO2 emissions to raise awareness of global ski professionals

September 4, 2015

I am just now on a long journey to the other end of the world – Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 30.000km return flight, a good 2.6t of CO2 emissions. That feels so bad. Especially since it is summer here in Europe, and I dare to get more biking and windsurfing in, which is what I naturally do in summer.


Ok, I am invited to hold a keynote speech at the INTERSKI congress 2015. More than 700 ski instructors from 31 nations meet on this skiing congress to train their techniques, exchange the latest development information on ski instructing, and discuss about the future of skiing. I would not go if I did not have this job to do.

My speech is entitled “Skiing – quo vadis? Leveraging the future of snow sports.” I intent to raise awareness about our sport and its impacts on the environment in a time of change. Climate change is hitting the world, while snowsports are an important industry and local economy of many mountain ranges world wide. It is culture, tradition, and a healthy, social activity outdoors. Plus it is fun – I love skiing since I learned to ski in the age of 3 or 4 or so.

I developed my own ski company – Grown skis – to offer the most eco friendly skis on the market. I like to skin up to earn my turn. I buy eco friendly equipment, and the Transparency Tool of Greenroomvoice helps me to navigate in the equipment jungle.

However, this congress produces about 1.800t of CO2 emissions. This is questionable. I am gonna talk about the future of skiing. And about the emissions we cause, feeding back on climate change, and motivating steps to take. Such as more quality than quantity. More time to ski by traveling less far and less often. More brain in personal consumption. And I am gonna ask to initially do small first steps during this congress: eat less meat; offset carbon emissions; donate sponsored gear to people in need.

I hope this is a chance to raise new awareness and diffuse transparent information based on proper science on our responsibility as skiers and mountain lovers.

We hunt the diminishing snow and by doing so we accelerate climate change in order to learn from each other. Is this illegitimate or just right?


3 Responses to “Ushuaia – illegitimate travel or just right? 1800t CO2 emissions to raise awareness of global ski professionals”

  1. I will never get used to the strange way y’all use “.” as a thousands separator. I assume you mean 2.6t per flight * 700 participants = 1,800t total. If you convinced 1,000 meat LOVERS to switch to an “average” diet for a year (or 2,000+ average diets to vegetarian for a year) you would almost cover the emissions of this one conference. I applaud your effort.

  2. Benjamin said

    Great question! I wish more people would question themself before travelling… Since I was not there but love the topic, would you share your presentation ? Merci. Benjamin

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